Industrial Applications Of Graphene And 2D Boron Nitride (Graphene Europe 2018)

Dr Marco Visconti, Chemist
Thomas Swan
United Kingdom


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Presentation Summary

Thomas Swan is an independent speciality chemical company that supplies high performance Elicarb® Graphene and Elinova® 2D products with a manufacturing capacity of 20 tonnes/yr and an industry leading reputation for quality of product and reliability of supply. Our customers span a range of industries; advanced coating and composite systems, printable electronics, 3D-printing and energy storage systems.

Company Profile (Thomas Swan & Co. Ltd.)

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Thomas Swan is a major independent manufacturer of performance and speciality chemicals. The Advanced Materials Division is dedicated to the reliable supply of high performance materials into new and emerging markets. Our leading carbon nanotube products, Elicarb® SWNTs are high quality materials manufactured at scale. In 2014, we launched Elicarb® Graphene a few layer graphene nanoplatelet product followed by a range of Elicarb® Graphene grades in 2015. We have also recently launched 2D boron nitride, our first non-carbon 2D product.
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