Injection Molding Using Rapid Tooling (3D Printing Europe 2017)

Mrs Brigitte Jacobs, Senior Application Development Manager


Europe 2017 Presentation - DSM*

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Presentation Summary

3D printed molds with SOMOS PerFORM material are capable of producing real injection molded parts significantly faster (<1 week) in short run and prototype injection molding processes. This can help the customer reduce cost and time in their product development cycle.

Speaker Biography (Brigitte Jacobs)

Brigitte graduated as a Master of Chemical Engineering from Delft University of Technology. She also holds a post graduate business degree from the KU Leuven. She has held various technical and commercial roles within a variety of organizations in different countries. Last year, she joined the Somos® brand at DSM as an Application Development Manager. In this role, she is responsible for developing different applications for Somos® materials. One of them is Rapid Tooling, whereby 3D printed molds made with Somos® PerFORM provide customers with REAL injection molded parts in only three to five days.

Company Profile (DSM)

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DSM is a global 3D Printing materials provider committed to helping our clients design whatever their imaginations can create. Through collaborative partnerships and groundbreaking materials innovation, we're pushing the boundaries of possibilities to deliver brighter lives for generations to come. Since the late 1980s, DSM's Somos® group has earned a global reputation for stereolithography material innovation. Prototypes made from Somos® resins closely replicate the functionality of engineered thermoplastics, but are delivered with increased speed and accuracy.
We are continually advancing the performance benefits of our extensive line of Somos® materials. You'll find a solution for just about any stereolithography application.
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