Inkjet Printing Data Path Challenges In Emerging Printing Applications (3D Printing Europe 2018)

Dr Fernando Rodriguez Llorente, Head of Research
Meteor Inkjet Ltd
United Kingdom


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Presentation Summary

The digital data path for conventional inkjet printing, as it is commonly used in graphics and arts applications, has to perform three critical functions: image colour translation and separation, image halftoning for optical density linearization, and a mapping function to translate computer images into precise locations on the printing media. Emerging new capabilities in conventional printing, 3D printing and additive manufacturing are challenging this understanding of the printing process. These new inkjet printing applications require data paths and workflows that are fundamentally more dynamic in their ability to process new types of data, print over a wider range of media, being resilient to nozzle failure and variations in drop size across a head, and being able to adapt to changes in the printing system. The presentation will explore some of these challenges and how they might affect the requirements for existing and future data path solutions for inkjet printing applications.

Speaker Biography (Fernando Rodriguez Llorente)

Fernando Rodriguez Llorente is head of research at Meteor Inkjet Ltd. Fernando has an MSc and PhD in physics from UCM-Madrid, and has worked in applied research, product development and technical consulting in multiple projects ranging from imaging electric fields on ASICs, development of laser amplifiers for intercontinental fibre optics communication systems, designing piezo-electric transducer drivers and DSP algorithms for ultrasonic non-destructive sensing of engineering structures, and creating innovative algorithms for estimating medical physiological parameters. Fernando joined Meteor Inkjet in 2014 where he develops and adapts technologies to bring inkjet printing and manufacturing to its full potential.

Company Profile (Meteor Inkjet Ltd)

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Meteor Inkjet Ltd ( is the leading independent supplier of industrial inkjet printhead driving solutions. Working closely with all major printhead manufacturers including FUJIFILM Dimatix, Konica Minolta, Kyocera, Ricoh, Seiko Instruments, Toshiba Tec and Xaar, Meteor supplies robust, reliable electronics and software to printer OEMs and print system builders world-wide. Headquartered near Cambridge, UK, Meteor Inkjet is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Global Graphics.
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