Inkjet Printing Technology; from Research to Mass Production. Tool & Process (Printed Electronics Europe 2012)

Mr Klaus Schiffer, Director Business Development Printing / Pixdro
OTB Group
United States
2012 4월4일.


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Company Profile (OTB Solar /PiXDRO)

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Within the Roth & Rau group OTB Solar / PiXDRO is an innovative company, specialized in the development of industrial inkjet applications including engineering and the manufacturing of advanced inkjet printing systems. Our experience in the inkjet printing market has resulted in various innovative technologies and products.
Our products consist of printing modules embedded in an open system architecture allowing PiXDRO to customize the systems for client specific processes and applications.
PiXDRO's product portfolio of inkjet systems includes:
• LP50 inkjet printer for research and development
• IP410 inkjet printer for research and pilot production on large format (up to Gen2.5)
• IP3000 inkjet printer for mass production of wafer based applications (Solar PV)
The modular setup of our products enables easy integration and migration from entry-level single layer printing for R&D purposes to volume printing in an industrial system.
With a clear product roadmap from research & development to volume production our customers benefit from easy transfer of application development to full industrial production.
As part of Roth & Rau, OTB Solar / PiXDRO offers printing solutions including pre and post processing with integration in complete automated production lines.
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