Innovation To Cost - PO-Celltech's Hybrid Alkaline Supercapacitor (HAS) And Fuel Cell Solutions (Energy Storage Innovations Europe 2017)

Dr Ervin Tal Gutelmacher, Ph.D., CTO


Europe 2017 Presentation - PO-CELLTECH Ltd*
Europe 2017 Audio Presentation - PO-CELLTECH Ltd*

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Presentation Summary

The electrification of the transportation industry and the continued push for green energy has spurred the automotive and transportation market to seek improved energy storage and conversion elements that combine both high energy and power - and are available in a smaller size and at a lower cost. PO-Celltech's hybrid aqueous/alkaline supercapacitor (HAS) and fuel cell (FC) solutions offer a new approach to energy storage and conversion. PO-Celltech's product portfolio will be outlined together with an overview on the advantages and novelty of both HAS and FC technologies, with specific emphasis on the design-to-cost, innovation and development of novel composite materials for enhanced and reliable performance.

Speaker Biography (Ervin Tal-Gutelmacher)

Dr. Ervin Tal-Gutelmacher is the C.T.O. of PO-CELLTECH Ltd., the newly-founded JV between Elbit Systems and Plastic Omnium, since July 2016. Prior to her CTO role, from 2010 she has headed and managed the R&D activities at Elbit Energy Systems, developing cutting edge high power and energy storage solutions for both civil and military markets. With more than a decade of experience in energy-related innovative rsearch and development, project management, team leadership, steering committees, consortiums and bilateral projects with industrial and academic partners, Dr. Tal-Gutelmacher paves the company's future technological direction and leads a variety of national and international research and industrial collaborations in the field of electromobility, state-of-art nanotechnologies and development of advanced materials for novel energy storage and conversion devices. After receiving her PhD in Materials Science and Engineering in 2006, Dr. Tal-Gutelmacher worked for 4 years at the Institute of Materials Physics in Göttingen, Germany. She is the holder of many prestigious national and international awards and has contributed numerous journal and conference publications, as well as several patents.

Company Profile (PO-CELLTECH Ltd)

PO-Celltech (former Elbit Energy Systems) is a joint venture between Elbit Systems Land and C4I and Plastic Ommnium. PO-Celltech's mission is to develop novel and advanced technologies for low-cost mass-produced fuel cells and supercapacitors that meet the automotive standards. The company is backed up by Elbit Systems' five decades of internationally recognized leadership in providing advanced electronics to customers around the world, and Plastic Omnium, one of the world leading tier-one supplier of the automotive industry (body component modules, fuel storage and distribution systems) and world leader in waste management and containerization for local authorities.
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