IoT Solutions For Wildlife Protection (Sensors Europe 2017)

Dr Nirvana Meratnia, Assistant Professor
University of Twente


Europe 2017 Audio Presentation - University of Twente*

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Presentation Summary

In this presentation animal monitoring with wireless sensor network technology will be addressed. The overall aim is to use this technology as an early warning system for poaching wildlife in Africa. In this presentation methods will be identified that characterise individual activity patterns and group mobility patterns, using motion sensors and wireless networking.

Speaker Biography (Nirvana Meratnia)

Nirvana Meratnia is associate professor in the Pervasive Systems Group at the University of Twente in the area of distributed sensor data analytics, machine learning, and reasoning in wireless sensor networks. Her research interests are in the area of smart sensor systems, Internet of Things (IoT), cyber physical systems, (underwater) wireless sensor networks, and wearable computing.
She is the coordinator of the Internet of Things Platform Twente in which several research organisations and companies participate to explore and develop IoT systems and services.

Company Profile (University of Twente)

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The Pervasive Systems (PS) group focuses on the design and evaluation of enabling technologies and methods for smart sensor systems, wearable devices and the Internet of Things. The group has a significant background on distributed networked intelligence covering the entire design trajectory from design of the miniature digital devices, wireless sensor networks, body area networks, methods of distributed signal processing, sensor fusion, and event detection.
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