Laser Ablation - Alternative Method to Pattern Materials for Flexible Electronics (Printed Electronics Europe 2013)

Mr Matthew Gingerella, Sales Applications Engineer
Tamarack Scientific Co., Inc., A SÜSS MicroTec AG Company
United States
2013 4월18일.


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Presentation Summary

• Laser Patterning vs. Photolithography and Printing Technologies
• How laser ablation reduces Cost-of-Ownership for PE patterning
• When best to use Excimer Laser and Solid State Laser Ablation
• Gallery of latest ablation results for cutting-edge PE applications and materials

Speaker Biography (Matthew Gingerella)

Matthew Gingerella is a seasoned applications engineer and solutions-based capital-equipment sales professional. His education includes a Bachelor's Degree in Chemistry from CSUF and a two-year degree in Electronics Technology. His background encompasses manufacturing, industrial processes, regulatory compliance, sales, service, marketing and training.
He is presently a Sales Applications Engineer for SUSS-Tamarack located in Corona, CA. He has spent over 5-years working closely with the scientists, researchers, engineers and management of top-tier high-technology companies to help develop and qualify Tamarack's laser ablation and photolithography patterning solutions for their cutting-edge applications and processes.
Gingerella is an application specialist for the following markets: Semiconductor Advanced Packaging, WLP/3D TSV/RDL; Biosensors, Diagnostic Sensors, Rigid & Flexible Displays, E-Paper, Photovoltaics, and Organic Electronics.

Company Profile (TAMARACK Scientific Co., Inc., A SÜSS MicroTec AG Company)

TAMARACK Scientific Co., Inc., A SÜSS MicroTec AG Company logo
Manufacturer of LASER SYSTEMS, UV STEPPERS, UV SCANNERS and MASK ALIGNERS. Tamarack supplies photolithography and laser micromachining systems. We specialize in applications including: Displays, RFID, Solar Cells, Organic Electronics, MEMS, Medical Devices and HDI. Our Excimer and Solid State ablation systems are ideal for direct pattern etching thin metals from various organic substrates to form transistors or other electronic circuits. In addition, these systems are used to via drill most types of organic and inorganic materials with selective material removal, down to 1um. Systems designed for Roll-to-Roll, Reel-to-Reel and Sheet handling. Resolution capabilities to 1um. Machines designed for 24/7 production environments.
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