LED Display - Beyond Digital Signage (Printed Electronics USA 2017)

Dr Heng Liu, CTO
United States


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Presentation Summary

In the recent year pixel pitch of LED display has gone down to less than 1mm and reaching the resolution close to large format LCD TV's. It has attracted attention in the premium video broadcasting application such as digital cinema. Much higher standard in picture quality and video performance will require further technology advancement.

Speaker Biography (Heng Liu)

Dr. Heng Liu is the Chief Technology Officer of SCT. Prior to joining SCT in 2014, he was in the LED lighting industry for over 20 years. His career has been mostly in the technical development. Dr. Liu has a Ph.D degree in Electrical Engineering from North Carolina State University and holds more than 20 patents.

Company Profile (SiliconCore)

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SiliconCore Technology (SCT) is an award winning manufacturer of ultra-fine pixel pitch, 0.95mm - 5.2mm, direct view LED displays based in Silicon Valley. Founded in 1997 in Milpitas, California, USA, SCT now has offices in 3 continents to service our growing team of system integrators and partners. Together, we can deliver large scale display solutions to oil & gas corporations, financial institutions, broadcast, military control rooms, retail stores as well as the transportation industries. SCT's Common Cathode LED drivers and custom video data processor is bringing the LED display to the next level of new applications in digital cinema, premium home theater, etc.
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