Libralato Rotary Hybrid Engine (Electric Vehicles: Everything is Changing. Europe 2017)

Mr Dan Aris, Managing Director
Libralato Ltd
United Kingdom


Europe 2017 Audio Presentation - Libralato Ltd*

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Presentation Summary

The Libralato rotary hybrid engine is a compelling new concept of engine architecture and thermodynamic cycle, solving the problems of the Wankel engine (poor combustion, overheating, seal wear) through its exchange of gases between three dynamic chambers and its non-contact, long escape path, sealing. Predicted to be as efficient as a diesel engine (>40%) using gasoline, but 50% smaller and 30% lower cost, its key advantages are its exceptionally high, asymmetric, compression and expansion ratios and its integrated exhaust gas recirculation (<30% EGR) for ultra low emissions. It enables PHEV systems to fit into standard engine bays, cost competitively.

Speaker Biography (Dan Aris)

Dan Aris has a strategic understanding of the globally emerging market for hybrid electric vehicles and the technologies involved. He has been a member of the UK Low Carbon Vehicle Partnership Innovation Working Group since 2006. Dan Aris links this understanding to the global societal challenges of peak oil, air pollution and climate change. As a director of Hulme Regeneration Ltd. and the Regional Coordinator of the ENWORKS business resource efficiency programme, Dan has worked at the sharp end of large-scale sustainable development for 25 years.

Company Profile (Libralato Ltd)

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Libralato Ltd is an innovation specialist in low carbon vehicle technologies, with new solutions for low cost hybrid systems, validated through European Green Cars Initiative and Innovate UK projects. Founded in 2008, Libralato is reviving the legacy of Rolls Royce in its inner-city birth place in Manchester, UK, developing light duty vehicle powertrains fit for the 21st century. The revolutionary Libralato rotary hybrid engine and the 48V Town & Country Hybrid Powertrain (TC48) are showing how all cars could drive electric in urban areas and use a small, efficient, low emission engine for the highway; reducing fuel consumption by >70% and CO2 by >65%, without subsidy or range anxiety.
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