Location-aware Sensor Network, the GPS of Things (Internet of Things & WSN USA 2013)

Mr Jean-Marie Andre, CEO
2013 11월21일.

Presentation Summary

Sensors are getting wireless, they are easy to roll-out, but we miss their position.
Connectivity is not only about communication, it is also about position.
The key role of location-awareness in loT:
• Bringing topology to IoT expedites mesh organisation
• Location-tagged data opens powerful new services
What IR-UWB will bring to IoT
• Very low power operation
• Precise and robust distance measurement

Speaker Biography (Jean-Marie Andre)

Jean-Marie has more than 20 years experience in the consumer electronics and communication industry. He was lucky enough to start designing GSM phones in 1994 and to witness the evolution of this industry until 2009, when Myriad acquired Purple Labs, the design house he had co-founded in 2001. Serving as Purple Labs COO involved raising funds, acquiring customers, managing roadmaps and ambitious projects, etc. Jean-Marie holds a Master of Science from ISIAL with a major in Artificial Intelligence.

Company Profile (BeSpoon)

BeSpoon logo
BeSpoon is a fabless semiconductor company. We cracked the individual positioning problem. Our chips can track items or individuals within a few centimeters... over long ranges.
To achieve that, we measure the time of flight of a ultra wide band signal with a precision of 125 picoseconds!
This opens fantastic opportunities to monitor assets, enable precise indoor location and ultimately keep track of all our belongings directly from our smartphones.
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