Low Jitter, Single Photon Imaging Based On Integrated Thin Film Superconducting Sensor And Readout Electronics. (Sensors Europe 2017)

Dr Jane Ireland, Senior Research Scientist
National Physical Laboratory
United Kingdom

Presentation Summary

The ability to image single photons is advantageous in applications including biomedical imaging, environmental sensing, defense and space. We are developing an integrated sensor technology where the photon detection and readout electronics are both realised via the single layer patterning of a superconducting thin film.

Speaker Biography (Jane Ireland)

Jane Ireland is a Senior Research Scientist at the National Physical Laboratory (NPL) in the United Kingdom. She has a PhD from the Condensed Matter Group at the University of Birmingham which included high temperature superconductor device design, fabrication and characterisation. She has worked at NPL for more than 10 years, initially in the Optical Radiation Group, specialising in the field of cryogenic radiometry and developing state-of-the-art commercial instrumentation. Jane has recently joined the Quantum Detection Group to work in the area of quantum electrical metrology with a focus on superconducting devices.

Company Profile (National Physical Laboratory)

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