Make A Device Online: Interfacing An Embedded Software To The IoT (Internet of Things Applications Europe 2017)

Mr Hubert Hafner, Vice President Business Development
RTSoft GmbH
Roman Alyautdin, Team Lead, Embedded Software
RTSoft GmbH


Europe 2017 Presentation - RTSoft GmbH*
Europe 2017 Audio Presentation - RTSoft GmbH*

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Presentation Summary

A rapid development of the IoT requires more and more devices connected.
The key task of smart devices producers is to provide interaction with Edge and Cloud.
This talk describes several modern IoT connectivity approaches and proposes an effective tool set for generating glue code and bindings to popular open communication frameworks using an existing embedded C/C++ library as an input.
The tool set is aimed to be flexible and scalable covering wide range of embedded platforms from microntrollers-based sensors to full-featured dataconcentrators and to bring visual development environment compliance.
Implementation complexity avoidance and time-to-market reduction are in focus.
Make your device online!

Speaker Biography (Hubert Hafner)

Hubert Hafner, Vice President for Business Development at RTSoft, has experience in Embedded Computing and Security areas for nearly 10 years and focused already during his education in Sweden, Germany and California, US on innovative software and mathematics. His diploma was focused on security technologies and he accompanied a founded security research project together with industries.

Speaker Biography (Roman Alyautdin)

Dipl. Ing. Roman Alyautdin is a Senior Software Engineer who has 5+ years experience in the embedded software. He has primarily been working on Linux BSPs, device drivers development and embedded products software stack design.

Company Profile (RTSoft GmbH)

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RTSoft leverages its 20 years of experience to build Embedded and IoT solutions for you. With expertise in board level software, every flavor of embedded operating system and frontend engineering we efficiently deliver solutions to your business needs combined with elaborate consulting and technical support services. With successful projects in a variety of vertical markets, including Energy, Consumer, Automotive, and more, you can rest assured that we will deliver high quality, on time, and on budget. We are committed to our customer's success, relying on industry standards and agile project management to deliver unmatched value.
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