Making The Manufacturing Of Electronics Fully Additive While Maintaining High Quality With VSPARTICLE Technology. (Printed Electronics Europe 2018)

Mr Aaike van Vugt, CEO


Europe 2018 Audio Presentation - VSPARTICLE*

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Presentation Summary

With the spark-ablation as a core technology VSPARTICLE is developing the next generation of material printers which are able to print pure nanostructured conductive and non-conductive materials on any substrate. VSPARTICLE believes that they can develop a single machine capable of printing an complete IOT product (circuit, sensors and battery) in the near future. In this presentation CEO Aaike van Vugt will give an overview of the current developments and future goals.

Company Profile (VSPARTICLE)

The future is at the nano-scale
"The development of new materials is crucial to the innovations that may provide a solution for climate change. The next generations of batteries and solar cells, too, can become reality when we are unable to develop better materials. After the stone-age, copper-age and the current silicon-age, VSPARTICLE opens the door to a nano-age, in which we can engineer materials at the atomic scale."
Aaike Van Vugt, CEO and Co-funder
VSPARTICLE provides researchers and industries with systems that produce and deposit nanoparticles using a safe, stable and controllable process.
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