Many Graphene Forms For Many Applications : How To Choose? (Graphene Europe 2018)

Dr Alban Chesneau, CEO
Carbon Waters


Europe 2018 Presentation - Carbon Waters*
Europe 2018 Audio Presentation - Carbon Waters*

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Presentation Summary

Graphene, GO, RGO, FLG, MLG, nanoplatelets and others, there are many forms of graphene. Without any clear nomenclature, it can be challenging to identity the right form of graphene according to your needs. Our goal is to give you the basic characteristics and advantages of the main members of the graphene family.

Speaker Biography (Alban Chesneau)

Dr Alban Chesneau earned his PhD in Biochemistry from Harvard Medical School and The National Center for Scientific Research of France (2005). While pursuing a career in life science and pharmaceutical industry for more than 4 years following his study, he obtained a Master degree in Business Management (2009). He acquired an expertise in high-throughput screening and setting-up an automatized platform. He was then closely involved in innovation management for diverse companies (such as Solvay, Pierre Fabre, LVMH) for more than eight years. Since 2017, Alban is the CEO and one of the co-founders of Carbon Waters—a chemical company involved in the development and production of graphene-based additives and coatings.

Company Profile (Carbon Waters)

Carbon Waters logo
Carbon Waters is willing to bring the highest added value to its customers and partners using its know-how and expertise on graphene dispersions and application processes.
Carbon Waters has developed a proprietary process which produce non-toxic and already dispersed graphene at different grades (FLG and MLG) with no risk of handling nanopowders.
The manufacturing process is sustainable and proven to be consistent, scalable and fully adaptable according to the targeted final application. Carbon Waters is the unique owner of the intellectual property and know-how behind this process.
Carbon Waters was founded in 2017 with its operations and processes based on a patent technology developer at CNRS and recognized by the scientific community (Nature Chemistry 2017, ILab 2019) and industrial community (JEC World 2018).
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