Miniaturizing Infrared Sensor Technology: Key To Widespread Adoption In Consumer Electronics, EV And Robotics (Sensors Europe 2018)

Dr Joris Roels, Marketing Manager Temperature Sensors


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Presentation Summary

Infrared temperature sensors have a long, successful track record in medical and industrial applications. Unfortunately the state-of-the-art technology has some limitations (e.g. size, thermal stability, robustness and production scalability) preventing widespread adoption in consumer applications, EV and robotics. We will highlight recent advances in thermopile technology with miniaturization as a key strategy to remove aforementioned limitations.

Speaker Biography (Joris Roels)

Joris Roels received both his master and PhD degree in electrical engineering from Ghent University and was granted two awards for his PhD research in the field of optical MEMS.
In 2010 he joined Melexis, a Belgium based company that develops, tests and markets advanced integrated semiconductor products as application engineer in the optical sensors business unit.
Since 2013 Joris is in charge of the infrared temperature sensors product line in the Sensors Business unit.

Company Profile (Melexis)

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Melexis is a global supplier of micro-electronic semiconductor solutions and stands for engineering that enables the best imaginable future - a future which is safe, clean and comfortable. All of these aspects are reflected in the applications that our technology empowers; Belgium-based company, it designs, develops, tests and markets sensor, communication and driver chips mostly for automotive application but some of its unique technologies progressively address other adjacent markets such as industrial, robotics and medical, visit External Link
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