Multi-Material Voxel Based 3D Printing (3D Printing Europe 2016)

Mr Oren Zoran, Director Technology & Innovation


Europe 2016 Presentation - Stratasys*
Europe 2016 Audio Presentation - Stratasys*

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Presentation Summary

One of the key advantages of additive manufacturing over subtractive manufacturing is allowing the use different materials with different properties at each voxel.
How can we control the properties of each voxel?
Why do we want to master the voxel?
  • Full color 3D printing
  • Continuous transitions of flexible properties
  • New materials
  • Printing models that combine viscoelastic or liquid materials

Speaker Biography (Oren Zoran)

Oren is the head of the Technology and Innovation groups for the PolyJet systems at Stratasys LTD.
Prior to Stratasys, Oren started his way in the semiconductor industry, working at Applied Materials Inc. physics group. His work focused on developing Scanning Electron Microscopy technologies for diagnostics and control during chip production. He had later transitioned to leading system engineering management positions within the metrology & defect review segments. Moving to project management, Oren had led challenging top notch technological R&D projects and spent his last several years at Applied Materials as the R&D manager of the defect review division.
Oren holds M.A in Physics and B.Sc in Electrical Engineering from Tel-Aviv University and has various publications and patents in the fields of Astrophysics, Medical physics and scanning electron microscopy.

Company Profile (Stratasys)

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Stratasys Ltd. provides 3D printing solutions for the creation of parts used in the processes of designing and manufacturing products. Its 3D printing systems utilize its patented fused deposition modeling (FDM) and inkjet-based PolyJet technologies to enable the production of prototypes, tools and final parts. The company offers entry-level desktop 3D printers to systems for rapid prototyping, and production systems for direct digital manufacturing. It also provides 3D printing consumable materials, end to end SW and workflow solutions, consultative services, direct part services and more, to create a one-stop-shop for its various customers.
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