Nanotechnology Gas Sensors - The Disruptive Technology That Will Change Our Lives Forever (Sensors USA 2017)

Mr Sundip R. Doshi, Chairman and CEO
AerNos Inc.
United States


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Presentation Summary

Nanotechnology gas sensor opens up enormous opportunities in IoT Smart Cities, Smart Homes, wearables and other industries. This talk will discuss recent breakthroughs in chemical engineering, nanoelectronics, data science, machine learning and the advancements in high volume manufacturing to fabricate tiny, low power, self-calibrated, low cost, application-specific and simultaneous detection of gases to the parts per billion.

Speaker Biography (Sundip R. Doshi)

Sundip R. Doshi is Founder and CEO of AerNos, Inc. He has over 25 years of c-level executive experience in technology and business with expertise in sensor development, nanotechnology, semiconductors, IP and patents, product development, software development, software-as-a-service and global supply chain. He has designed, developed and shipped technology products to b2b and b2c customers and distributors in 64 countries. His customers have included governments, healthcare institutions and multinationals including mobile and technology companies.
With a passion for entrepreneurship, business and community he has founded and led CEO Technology forums, designed and built a technology office building to attract innovative companies to the region, taught entrepreneurship and mentored at his alma mater and other universities, and helped the state of California to implement state mandated reporting services for the medically indigent population.
Sundip received his Bachelor of Science degree with Departmental Honors in Computer Science from California State University, San Bernardino. In 2009 he was recognized as a College of Natural Science Outstanding Alumnus for his contribution to the university, community and his industry.

Company Profile (AerNos)

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AerNos, Inc. develops application-specific nano gas sensors based on its breakthrough and proprietary AerCNT Technology to detect harmful gases in the environment. AerNos nano gas sensors are designed to be easily integrated into consumer and commercial product lines such as standalone monitoring devices, non-stationary devices (drones, industrial robots, construction equipment, etc.), modes of transportation, wearables, smartphones, and IoT devices. AerNos gas sensors can detect multiple gases simultaneously to the parts per billion. They are tiny, accurate, affordable and use low power. Our sensors are application specific systems delivering complete processing and results for plug-and-play integration.
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