NanoXplore - Unleashing A New Generation of Graphene-Polymer Composites (Graphene USA 2015)

Dr Naiheng Song, Principal Scientist
Group NanoXplore Inc.


USA 2015 Presentation - Group NanoXplore Inc.*
USA 2015 Audio Presentation - Group NanoXplore Inc.*

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Presentation Summary

NanoXplore has established large-scale production of ultra-high quality, dispersible graphene with a variety of different structural characteristics for different applications. Graphene-polymer composites are compelling as graphene in very small amounts dramatically improves the properties of base polymers. NanoXplore's graphene added to thermoplastic/thermoset polymers significantly improves thermal and mechanical performance.

Speaker Biography (Naiheng Song)

Dr. Naiheng Song is the principal scientist at Group NanoXplore Inc., a Canadian company specializing in the production and application of high-quality graphene powders and their functional derivatives. He holds Ph.D. degree in Chemistry and has over 20 years of international R&D and project managerial experience in corporate and academic environments. Naiheng is passionate about innovation and new technology development, and has demonstrated successes in bringing innovative technologies from embryonic stage to large scale production. Naiheng is the co-author/co-inventor on numerous peer-reviewed publications and patents. His research interests are broad and include photonic polymers and devices, electro-optic materials, photovoltaic polymers and solar cells, optical coatings, nanomaterials, high-performance polymers, fiber-reinforced polymer composites, and automated materials processing.

Company Profile (Group NanoXplore Inc.)

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Group NanoXplore specialises in the science of graphene and its derivative materials. Its proprietary production process produces low-cost, pristine graphene from graphite flake, while maintaining the large flake value (application versatility, thermal and electrical conductance, anti-corrosion capabilities). Environmentally friendly (energy efficient, no strong acids used or noxious gases released), the process solves typical production challenges (e.g., introduction of minimal crystal impurities) and is scalable to metric tonnes per month with very modest capital and operating costs. NanoXplore partners with its customers to integrate graphene into their products and processes, providing them with innovative products and a strong competitive advantage.
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