NEC Green Vision (Energy Harvesting and Storage Europe 2012)

Ugo Govigli, VP European Smart Grid Solutions of NEC
NEC Italia
2012 5월15일.


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Speaker Biography (Ugo Govigli)

Ugo Govigli is CEO and President of NEC Italia, and Vice President European Smart Grid Solutions of NEC . NEC Corporation is a world-leader in the integration of IT and network technologies that benefit businesses, people and society. In the last 15 years Mr. Govigli has held leading positions in business development within high-tech multinational companies. Prior of his current role, in 2000 Mr.Govigli was appointed Sales Vice President of Siemens AG for Mobile Networks division for Italian market. Afterwards he became Senior Vice President Marketing & Business Development and, in 2002, Responsible for global business with Telecom Italia Mobile. In 2004 he was appointed MD for Consumer Goods at Siemens Italia. In 2007 he joined NEC Italia as General Manager for the System and Infrastructure business, and was nominated CEO and President in April 2009. On the wake of the NEC's strategic purpose to enter the smart grid market, Mr. Govigli became in 2010 Vice President for Smart Grid Solutions of NEC Europe, focusing his efforts on building a European Smart Energy Technology Center of Excellence in Italy. Mr. Govigli holds bachelor's degree in Electronic Engineering at Politecnico di Milano, and he earned a master's degree in Information Technology at Cefriel.

Company Profile (NEC Italia)

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NEC Corporation is a leader in the integration of IT and network technologies that benefit businesses and people around the world.
By providing a combination of products and solutions for smart energy industry, NEC's advanced technologies, based on lithium ion batteries, meet the new needs of a sustainable world.
The NEC Green Power Platform includes batteries for EV industry, cloud-based networked charging facilities, and energy storage solutions for grid and residential use.
NEC brings more than 100 years of expertise in technological innovation to empower people, businesses and society.
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