New EV Systems Technology (Future of Electric Vehicles USA 2010)

Mr Dante Zeviar, CFO
United States
2010 12월7일.


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Presentation Summary

  • Electric Vehicle Components and the System
  • Research and Development
  • Testing and Improvement
  • Commercialization and Cost Effectiveness

Company Profile (KleenSpeed Technologies)

KleenSpeed Technologies logo
KleenSpeed is focused on the development of innovative and advanced technologies and intellectual property that will revolutionize the EV industry and create systems and vehicles that truly realize the full potential of electric power.
The company's agenda is clearly drawn to tackle and resolve the challenging issues regarding the development of breakthrough solutions to EV systems design and development.
We are passionate about EV technology as a viable solution to many environmental issues. We believe that the wide spread adoption of electric vehicles will lead to a better way of life. We are convinced of the near-term potential and the long-term future of electric vehicles from a business perspective. We are committed to being a leader in EV technology and the production of electric vehicles.
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