Novel Energy Harvesting Inside Constructions And At Power Cables (Internet of Things Applications Europe 2018)

Dr Bo Madsen, CEO


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Presentation Summary

RePower deliver energy harvesting for battery-less and maintenance-free sensors to wireless monitor e.g. buildings, powerlines or machines, by harvesting the energy from the outside of multicore power cables, without damaging the cable in any way. RePower thereby deliver energy harvesting in areas where it has not been an option till today.

Speaker Biography (Bo Madsen)

Bo Eskerod Madsen, CEO, has a PhD in statistical analysis og vast amounts of data (artificial intelligence), from Aarhus University, Denmark, and University of Auckland, New Zealand, and many years' experience as leader in R&D heavy organisations, where his area has been the transformation of deep R&D knowledge to market ready products. Bo has worked intensively with the connection of business development and R&D. Furthermore, he is trained electrician and as such has first-hand experience in how the technical installations operate.

Company Profile (ReMoni)

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ReMoni delivers a complete system that monitors your technical installations in order to avoid loss of energy and production - in an easy, inexpensive and robust way. The novelty is that you get full-automatic alarms and overview by simply clamp small wireless sensors onto the existing cables and pipes for power, water and heat.
Our goal is to create technology that helps building a more sustainable society, by eliminating waste of resources.
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