Novel Solar Based Modular Device Platform for Energy Harvesting Applications (Printed Electronics Europe 2013)

Dr Oliver Lang, Director
Sonnenrepublik Gmbh
2013 4월18일.


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Presentation Summary

  • Standardized solar modules in different editions can be combined to arrays in various designs (colour, shape etc.) and electrical performance (power proportional to area) and thus be exactly adapted to the actual energy harvesting needs
  • Solar arrays are connected to various application modules such as LED lamps, chargers for smartphones, iPads, cameras, audio products etc., M2M controls, RF wall switches, sensors etc..
  • Connection between solar modules and application modules is realized by a novel electrical/mechanical interface with a smart „Clicc" mechanism which allows numerous applications in the consumer as well as industrial field

Speaker Biography (Oliver Lang)

Dr. Oliver Lang (56) studied Physics in Berlin and Valencia and made his PhD at the Hahn-Meitner-Institut Berlin in thin film photovoltaics. In 1997 he started up his first enterprise Solarc GmbH, and subsequently further photovoltaic engineering and manufacturing companies in Germany. He is member of the board of an international certification institute and also runs his own consulting and engineering office LCE in the field of stand alone solar power supply and LED systems. He is the inventor and author of more than 30 patents and brands and several technical and scientific publications.

Company Profile (Sonnenrepublik)

Sonnenrepublik logo
Founded in Berlin in 2016, the SEG Sonnenrepublik Energie GmbH wants to solve the rising energy problem of today's mobile devices. Therefore it has created innovative premium design solar chargers for USB as well as 12V devices, such as smartphones, cameras, notebooks and others. The USP of the Sonnenrepublik products are highest efficiency and functionality, sustainable materials and designs, and German quality level. R&D results and brands are continuously protected by patents. Beside their standard product range the Sonnenrepublik also offers custom design developments and power supply projects for industrial customers and smart cities, ranging from miniature energy harvesting solutions up to power supply systems in the Kilowatt range.
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