OTFT-Based Sensors On Plastic Open Doors To New Applications (Sensors USA 2018)

Dr Rouzet Agaiby, Business Development Manager at FlexEnable
United Kingdom


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USA 2018 (audio) Presentation - IDTechEx*

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Presentation Summary

Flexible organic electronics is key to activating surfaces to both sense and display information. Whilst the mechanical attributes of shapeable, wrappable OTFT-based displays and sensors are often cited, there are also electrical and manufacturing attributes that bring significant advantages over inorganic TFTs on plastic. OTFTs can be used with different sensor technologies including under-display sensors and force sensors. These sensors can be easily integrated with displays to activate surfaces and hence enable new use cases.
This talk will focus on the technical properties of flexible OTFT-based sensors and some of their market applications. We will discuss possible integration scenarios of flexible sensors for their successful implementation in products.

Speaker Biography (Rouzet Agaiby)

Dr Rouzet Agaiby has over ten years' experience in a variety of technologies including semiconductor manufacturing, solar cells and flexible electronics with special focus on flexible sensors and displays. Rouzet is responsible for growing the implementation of FlexEnable's flexible electronics technology in flexible sensors as well as in flexible LCD for consumer electronics and industrial applications. She also sets up and manages key strategic developments in sensors and display applications with major market players to bring products to market that have added value both for OEMs and for the end user. Rouzet has a PhD in semiconductor technology from University of Newcastle and an MBA from Manchester Alliance Business School.

Company Profile (FlexEnable)

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FlexEnable has developed the world's first flexible electronics technology platform that allows electronics made of organic materials to be manufactured on flexible plastic film, the thickness of a sheet of paper. Compatible with existing display manufacturing lines, it is the key to truly flexible and cost effective electronics over large and small surfaces. The core applications of this technology are glass-free, flexible displays and sensors that enable game-changing products across a variety of industries including consumer electronics, automotive, digital signage, wearables, medical and security. www.flexenable.com External Link
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