Panel Discussion (Printed Electronics USA 2008)

Dr Louay Eldada, CTO
HelioVolt Corporation, United States
2008 12월4일.


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Speaker Biography (Louay Eldada)

Louay Eldada is the CTO of HelioVolt Corporation, where he leads the development of printed solar products. He joined HelioVolt from DuPont, where he served as CTO of the optoelectronics business. Prior to DuPont, he founded and managed Telephotonics, which was acquired by DuPont. He previously worked at Honeywell, where he started the optoelectronics business and directed its R&D arm. The group was acquired by Corning, where he continued to manage technical development. He has 200 publications, organized or presented at 230 conferences, garnered 43 technical awards and has 39 patents. He holds a Ph.D. in optoelectronics from Columbia University.

Company Profile (HelioVolt)

HelioVolt logo
HelioVolt Corporation was founded in 2001 in order to develop and market new technology for applying thin-film photovoltaic coatings to a variety of substrates including conventional construction materials. The company's proprietary FASST™ process, based on rapid semiconductor printing, was invented by HelioVolt founder Dr. B.J. Stanbery, an eminent expert within the international PV community in the materials science of CIGS and related compound semiconductors. FASST™ is a low-cost, flexible manufacturing process for CIGS synthesis and is protected by both eight issued US patents and by global patents pending.
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