Performance Evaluation of Lower-Energy Energy Storage Alternatives for Full-Hybrid Vehicles (Supercapacitors USA 2013)

Mr Jon Cosgrove, Researcher
National Renewable Energy Laboratory
United States
2013 11월21일.


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Presentation Summary

• The National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) in collaboration with a USABC Workgroup analyzed the trade-offs between vehicle fuel economy and reducing the decade-old minimum energy requirement for power-assist HEVs resulting in a new set of lower-energy ESS (LEESS) targets that could be satisfied by a variety of technologies.
• NREL has developed a hybrid electric vehicle test platform for in-vehicle performance and fuel economy validation testing of the hybrid system using lower energy ESS devices based on these new targets.
• Hybrid electric vehicle (HEV) test platform approach and development.
• In vehicle evaluation and results from the test platform using a lithium-ion capacitor (LIC) energy storage system.

Speaker Biography (Jon Cosgrove)

Working at NREL since 2011, Jon Cosgrove has supported the Testing and Analysis, Advanced Vehicles, and Fuels Performance groups within the Transportation & Hydrogen Systems Center. Jon's focus areas include light and heavy duty dynamometer and on road testing, vehicle modeling and simulation, and test platform development.

Company Profile (National Renewable Energy Laboratory NREL)

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The National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) is one of the Department of Energy's national laboratories. NREL advances the science and engineering of energy efficiency, sustainable transportation, and renewable power technologies and provides the knowledge to integrate and optimize energy systems.
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