Piezo Generator Based on PMN-PT Single Crystal (Energy Harvesting and Storage Europe 2012)

Mr Sang Goo Lee, CEO
iBULe Photonics Co Ltd
2012 5월16일.


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Presentation Summary

  • iBULe Photonics introduction
  • Korea VEH Market Needs
  • Convergence example
  • Suggestions

Speaker Biography (Sang Goo Lee)

Dr. Lee received his Ph.D. from Seoul National University(SNU, Korea) in 1995. After Ph. D., he worked on the control of crystal morphology and size in various reaction systems as a Manager of Process Development Team at HANWHA Corp. (Aug. 1995-Sept., 1997). He had handled the growth of relaxor ferroelectric(PMN) single crystal which is a very important material for electrostrictive, electro-optic devices at CMR, Stanford Univ.(1997.10 - 1999). And the research result of this process was presented on the Applied Physics Letter at 1999. Returning to Korea, he founded iBULe Photonics, a new material development company for commercializing this material(Since august of 1999). He received several awards from the Minister of Science and Technology, Ministry Trade, Industry & Energy and KIChE(Korean Institute of Chemical Engineers) E-mail sanggoo7@ibule.com

Company Profile (iBULe Photonics)

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IBULE Photonics Co., Ltd. was established in the 1999, based on our original technology for manufacturing PMN-PT (lead magnesium niobate-lead titanate) single crystals - one of the most versatile yet underdeveloped active piezoelectric, electro-optical materials. The company has developed one of the world's leading technologies for growing and processing PMN-PT single crystals. Currently, we produce single crystals three inches in diameter using the Bridgman method. Then, we product PMN-PT single crystal for the medical ultrasound probe, Sonar, NDT Probe.
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