Possible Applications And Best Practices When Applying Additive Manufacturing. (3D Printing Europe 2017)

Karl Osti, Industry Manager - Manufacturing


Europe 2017 Presentation - Autodesk*
Europe 2017 Audio Presentation - Autodesk*

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Presentation Summary

Additive Manufacturing (AM) has been in the media for a certain time as breaking wave of technological change that is ending industrial production as we know it. While a lot of expectations are overinflated, there is an underlying reason for the excitement and investment wave across industries.
AM has been helping to produce components with nearly unlimited geometrical complexity, allows for vast customization, reduces the need for stock, increasing business agility for products smaller quantities and many other reasons.
This talk with Autodesk's Industry Manager Manufacturing, Karl Osti, will outline the possible applications as well as outline best practices when applying Additive Manufacturing. Process cost really become competitive when Subtractive and Additive is being combined and integrated - That's hybrid manufacturing establishing a new level of operational excellence. Please join us to learn more about:
• The latest on available technologies, processes, applications and challenges
• The economic reasoning behind the current fundamental expansion of the industry and other external forces even accelerating the pace of disruption in industries.
• Case studies and use cases that highlight the underlying transformative power that Additive Manufacturing is carrying with it.

Speaker Biography (Karl Osti)

Is press spokesperson for Autodesk GmbH and responsible for Autodesk's manufacturing strategy.
His responsibility also includes successful business model transformation, Go-To-Market Strategies while establishing new competitive advantage for the Autodesk Business Ecosystem.
He worked in Automotive, Aerospace, Industry Machinery, Food & Beverage as well as Plant and AEC industries. Starting from technical roles Osti became a business development executive helping Mittelstand customers to grow, go through digital transformation initiatives and supported DAX companies in Organizational Change realizing their version of Digitalization Initiatives while insuring business agility in global cultures. Osti is an expert working on different operational levels from C-Level, to Midlevel Management to contributor to breaking down strategies, gain buy in, establish alignment, create the sense of urgency and get the team on the path towards a more rewarding future.
Osti, electrician by education, holds a master in Business Informatics, a Master in Business Innovation and a MBA(Mergers & Acquisitions) and really enjoys everything related to Innovation.
"there is nothing more rewarding than helping customers realizing their new competitive advantage knowing holistically they struggle with dependencies, constrains and decision making in uncertainty."

Company Profile (Autodesk)

Autodesk logo
We are on the brink of the biggest change in how we make things since the industrial revolution. Out of this disruption, a new future of making things is emerging, and more than any other 3D design software company, Autodesk is embracing this new future.
For more than 30 years, Autodesk has helped people imagine, design and create. Autodesk offers a portfolio of more than 200 products, all of which are available free to students, teachers and educational institutions around the world to help cultivate the next generation of designers, engineers, and manufacturers.
The company is developing cutting edge 3D printing technology that will make it possible to create things in entirely new ways. Autodesk is establishing industry standards and an open and accessible platform for all aspects of the 3D printing ecosystem: software, hardware, materials and services. The company has also established a $100m investment fund to support ideas that push the boundaries of 3D printing and nurture the companies that will bring new ideas to market.
Together with its customers, Autodesk is changing the way the world is designed and made.
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