Powering the Sensor Revolution (Energy Harvesting Europe 2017)

Dr Antony Rix, CEO
8power Limited
United Kingdom


Europe 2017 Presentation - 8power Limited*
Europe 2017 Audio Presentation - 8power Limited*

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Presentation Summary

8power want to share with the conference how the sustained powering of wireless devices such as GPS trackers, Internet-of-Things devices and condition monitoring sensors will be revolutionised by turning small amounts of vibration energy in to electrical power. Our unique & patented Vibration Energy Harvesting (VEH) technology utilises the phenomenon of parametric resonance to generate up to ten times the electrical power of vibration energy harvesting systems currently available. This massive increase in available power enables us to run a completely self-sustaining sensor and communications systems without the need for battery replacement when operating in an environment with even modest vibration. 8power's VEH technology is tightly integrated with low power sensors, LPWAN wide area wireless networking and local energy storage and management to allow extended operations when assets are idle. All data is made available through our cloud hosted, secure data platform. We will demonstrate end to end working devices at the conference.
8power are "Powering the sensor revolution"

Speaker Biography (Antony Rix)

Antony has over 20 years' experience in wireless communications, software, electronics, cleantech, and industrial applications of technology. Antony also co-chairs the Cambridge Wireless Connected Devices SIG, which focuses on applications, systems and underlying technologies of wireless communication.
Before 8power, Antony undertook research and standardisation at a major network operator, and co-founded Psytechnics to commercialise this research. Psytechnics was successfully acquired by Netscout in 2011. He then spent over a decade working in product development and consultancy in the Cambridge technology cluster.
Antony is an engineering graduate of the University of Cambridge, and received his Ph.D. from the University of Edinburgh in signal processing and machine learning applied to performance evaluation of communications networks.

Company Profile (8power)

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8power is a new start-up company commercialising novel vibration energy harvesting (VEH) technology developed by researchers from the University of Cambridge. The target markets for the technology are self-powered wireless & IoT devices for sensing and measurement in industrial applications.
VEH enables power to be generated from a variety of vibration sources including motors, moving vehicles, or traffic-induced movement in structures such as bridges. The patented technology delivers 10 times higher electrical power than existing VEH systems by employing the principle of parametric resonance. This exciting discovery was pioneered by leading academics at the Centre for Smart Infrastructure and Construction at the University of Cambridge.
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