Printed Organic Photodetectors And Their Applications In Large-Area, Flexible Image Sensors (Printed Electronics Europe 2018)

Dr Daniel Tordera, Senior Scientist
Holst Centre/TNO

Presentation Summary

Together with its industrial partners, Holst Centre has developed flexible, large area photodetector-on-plastic technology. In this presentation we will give an update on this work and its applications in medical and biometric imagers. We present the first ever prototype of a curved X-ray photodetector on a plastic substrate. We will also demonstrate semi-transparent optical fingerprint/palmprint scanner of 6x8cm that can measure person's unique fingerprint ridge patterns and heartbeat at the same time.

Speaker Biography (Daniel Tordera)

Daniel Tordera is a Senior Researcher at Holst Centre working on image sensors and leading the development on near infrared photodetector solutions. He received his PhD in Nanotechnology at the University of Valencia in 2014, where he studied organic electronic systems based on ionic materials for light emission. He was CEO of Lec-Val Lighting, a spin-off created to commercialize the results obtained during his PhD. Subsequently, he spent 2 years as a postdoctoral researcher at Linköping's University in the field of optics and plasmonics for energy and sensing applications. He is an award-winning author.

Company Profile (Holst Centre / TNO)

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Holst Centre/TNO (, set up by the TNO and IMEC, is an independent shared-innovation R&D Centre for Flexible Electronics and Sensor Technologies in the Netherlands. A key feature is its partnership model with industry and academia comprising more than 40 international companies. Holst Centre/TNO has major activities in the areas of TOLAE, (hybrid) printed electronics, flexible OLEDs, photovoltaics and oxide transistor technology. Holst Centre has demonstrated solutions for numerous hybrid and printed electronics products, varying from printed temperature and humidity sensing devices, paper electronics, health-patches, smart garments, and (thermoformed) stretchable products
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