Printed Planar Supercapacitors And Lithium Ion Batteries By Modular Manufacturing (Energy Storage Innovations USA 2017)

Mr Bing Hsieh, Founder
EnCap Energy Inc.
United States


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Presentation Summary

Novel planar supercapacitors (SC) and lithium-ion batteries (LIB) having interdigitated electrodes for large format applications will be presented. We will discuss the design principles of the new planar structures, their potential to give a > 5X improvement in capacity over current supercapacitors, their pack designs, as well as low-cost fabrication by modular manufacturing. The drawings given in the following link depict the plan view (top) and the cross-sectional view (bottom) of a planar LIB, wherein the dotted and the hatched areas are the positive and the negative electrodes respectively; the gray areas are the current collectors and the gray lines are the grid lines. Unlike the known interdigitated thin film microsupercapacitor design where the current collectors are situated on the top or bottom surfaces of the electrodes and paralleled to the plane of the substrate and can only exert weak fringe fields, the current collectors in our new design are running along the sidewalls of the electrodes and are perpendicular to the substrate and can thus provide strong direct fields, as indicated by the purple arrow, to promote facile ion movement across the entire thickness of the electrodes (20-100 µm). In addition, the relatively narrow inter-spaces between two opposite electrodes (20-100 µm) may allow much higher power densities than ever. Due to their scalability and low-cost modular manufacturing processes by printing, the new planar SC/LIB may be designed for a wide range of applications such as mobile devices, transportation, and stationary distributed energy storage.

Speaker Biography (Bing Hsieh)

Bing Hsieh is the founder and President of EnCap Energy Inc., where his research interests center around the development of new high capacity lithium ion batteries and supercapacitors. He had been an industrial scientist with an extensive experience in developing organic and polymeric materials for lithium batteries, printed electronics, OLEDs, and laser printers while working for big companies such as Xerox PARC and Canon and small startups like Seeo.

Company Profile (EnCap Energy Inc.)

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EnCap Energy is actively seeking seed funding to demonstrate its new planar designs of supercapacitor and lithium ion batteries that could show more than 2X improvement in energy capacity over the existing products. Due to their scalability and low cost manufacturing processes by printing, the new planar SC/LIB may be used in a wide range of applications such as mobile devices, transportation, and grid and distributed energy storage.
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