Providing Low Cost Lithium From Alternative Sources (Energy Storage Innovations USA 2017)

Mr Joe Walsh, Managing Director


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Presentation Summary

New sources of cost competitive lithium are required by the LIB cathode market - abundant mica minerals have historically been overlooked as a source of lithium supply because there was no commercially viable process for this purpose prior to the development of Lepidico's low cost L-Max® Process.

Speaker Biography (Joe Walsh)

Experience Joe is a resources industry executive and mining engineer with over 25 years' experience working for mining companies and investment banks. Joe was the General Manager Corporate Development with Pan Aust and was instrumental in the evolution of PanAust from an explorer in 2004 to a US$2+billion, ASX 100 multi-mine copper and gold company. Joe also has extensive equity market experience and has been involved with the technical and economic evaluation of many mining assets and companies around the world.

Company Profile (Lepidico)

Lepidico logo
Lepidico Ltd is an ASX-listed Company focused on exploration, development and production of lithium.
Lepidico owns the technology to a metallurgical process that has successfully produced battery grade lithium carbonate from non-conventional sources, specifically lithium-rich mica minerals including lepidolite and zinnwaldite.
The L-Max® Process has the potential to disrupt the lithium market by providing additional low cost lithium supply from these alternative sources.
A Pre-Feasibility Study (treating ore from Ontario, Portugal and Western Australia) was positive.
The Feasibility Study for a Phase 1 L-Max® plant, to be located in Ontario, Canada, and targeting commercial production for 2019, has recently commenced.
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