Racing From Student To Autonomous Vehicle Engineer (Electric Vehicles: Everything is Changing. USA 2017)

Mr Dean Liu,
United States
Mr Anthony Navarro, Product Lead-Robotics & Self-Driving Cars
United States


USA 2017 Presentation - Udacity*
USA 2017 Audio Presentation - Udacity*

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Presentation Summary

Seventeen international Udacity students attempted to apply deep learning
algorithms at the 2017 Self Racing Cars event held at Thunderhill Raceway,
California. The team received a car two days prior to the event for integration. They
discuss the events prior to the race, deep learning methods used, and current work.

Speaker Biography (Dean Liu)

Dean is currently transitioning into the Self-Driving Car, robotics and drones/UAS domain after 20+ years in Aerospace R&D. He received his B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Rutgers University, and M.S. in Aerospace Engineering from Virginia Tech. He started his career supporting US Naval flight research on aircraft handling quality, flight controls, modeling & simulation, and flight tests on various aircraft platforms at NAS Patuxent River, MD. He later supported NASA on Advanced ATC research, helped to architect and create NASA Langley's AirTraffic Operations Lab (ATOL) and its distributed flight simulations, for studying feasibility of Distributed-Air/Ground Traffic Management concepts. He then moved out west to CA to support NASA Ames's SimLabs and its Vertical Motion Simulator (VMS), the world's largest motion simulator for human factor and motion cueing R&D. He left NASA in 2016 to pursue continuing learning via a Machine Learning / Data Science bootcamp at Galvanize, and is currently in Udacity's Self-Driving Car Nanodegree program, where he participated in the recent Self-Racing Cars event.

Speaker Biography (Anthony Navarro)

Anthony currently works as a Product Manager for Udacity leading their Self-Driving Car and Robotics Nanodegree programs in Mountain View, California. After combat service in the US Army, he obtained his Master's in Computer Engineering from Colorado State University where he focused his studies on the area of robotics. Prior to his employment at Udacity, Anthony worked as a systems and software engineer for Lockheed Martin for 7 years where he supported multiple satellite launches and operations and also conducted applied research and development on autonomous systems. While at Lockheed Martin, he was selected to participate in the Advanced Technical Leadership Program offered by the company. Prior to joining Udacity, he also led the Udacity/ PolySync self-driving car race and was a student in the first cohort of the Udacity Self-Driving Car Nanodegree program.

Company Profile (Udacity)

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