Reliable Printed PV For Indoor Electronics (Energy Harvesting Europe 2017)

Mr Barry N Breen, CEO
3GSolar Photovoltaics Ltd


Europe 2017 Presentation - 3GSolar Photovoltaics Ltd*
Europe 2017 Audio Presentation - 3GSolar Photovoltaics Ltd*

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Presentation Summary

A printed PV energy harvesting solution is presented that gives more than twice the electrical power in the same area as silicon PV cells for indoor wireless electronics. The technology allows for a low-cost printing process in both glass and ultrathin formats with possibilities of color and transparency for aesthetic and optical integration into wireless products.
Using dyes for photovoltaic power is well-known, but in the past was lacking reliability data. 3GSolar dye-based printed PV was tested in a broad range of qualification tests in accordance with IEC and MIL-STD electronics specs. Qualification tests include Dry heat, Thermal cycling, Humidity life, Temperature characteristics, Robustness of terminations and Vibration tests.
This efficient and robust energy solution can be applied in many electronics markets including Wireless Sensor Networks, Medical and Sports devices, Security sensors and cameras, Agriculture monitors, Beacons and electronic signs, Computer peripherals and Wearable electronics (bracelets, watches, armbands, etc.) and Internet of Things.

Speaker Biography (Barry N Breen)

Mr. Breen is CEO of 3GSolar, a leading developer of photovoltaic energy using printed DSC (dye solar cell) technology.
Barry is a business leader and manufacturing process expert. He excelled during 16 years in senior positions at the AVX Corporation thin film plant, leading development to build a small R&D facility into a 600 person research and manufacturing company. Barry led development of many thin-film products including RF capacitors, inductors, couplers, filters, matching units and fuses.
Prior to AVX, Barry was an engineer at General Electric designing components for the USA nuclear navy. A native of St. Louis, Missouri USA, Barry earned his degree in Nuclear Engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He has authored numerous papers and patents. Barry won the coveted Kaplan Prize for industrial innovation and the Kyocera Corporation President's Award for outstanding achievement in product & business development.

Company Profile (3GSolar LTD)

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3GSolar is a startup company in Jerusalem Israel that developed efficient and robust printed PV based on dye solar cell technology (DSC). For electronics companies that are manufacturing devices and sensors for a wireless world, 3GSolar DSC is a miniature PV cell that charges electronic devices from indoor light. The devices will have an integrated source of power with no need for changing or charging batteries. Unlike silicon cells that perform poorly indoors, 3GSolar DSC shows exceptional efficiency and power using fluorescent and LED lighting. 3GSolar is active in R&D and sales of products, engineering services and licenses.
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