Reshaping The World Of Transportation (Electric Vehicles: Everything is Changing. USA 2017)

Dr Emmanuele Spera, CEO
NEXT Future Transportation inc.
United States


USA 2017 Presentation - NEXT Future Transportation inc.*
USA 2017 Audio Presentation - NEXT Future Transportation inc.*

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Presentation Summary

The world of transportation is in crisis with endemic traffic jams, inordinate pollution and high accident rates. This leads wastage of human time and to an economic loss estimated by Forbes at over $700 Billion annually.
We aim to provide for ease of commuter transit, seamlessly from door-to-door, such that the burden of daily transit disappears. Our solution provides for optimization of existing infrastructure such as roadways and freeways.

Speaker Biography (Emmanuele Spera)

Dr. Emmanuele Spera
Entrepreneur, Futurist, Medical Doctor
Emmanuele is a visionary leader at the intersection of innovation, commercialization and implementation. He has a unique ability to recognize exponential opportunities that have the potential to impact society.
Throughout his professional career he has been a leader in developing innovative solutions into profitable business ventures in n the fields of IT, Healthcare and Transportation.
Inspired by American culture, he aspired to pursue a life in the United States.
A true entrepreneur, Emmanuele left his successful career as a medical doctor in Italy to launch NEXT Future Transportation in Silicon Valley.

Company Profile (NEXT Future Transportation inc.)

NEXT Future Transportation inc. logo
NEXT Future Transportation, Inc. is a Robotics and AI startup that is developing a patented modular, autonomous, electric vehicle ("pod") and the supporting Operating System required to bring its "Transportation-as-a-Service" solutions to the municipal mass-transit and goods-movement market at scale. NEXT is unique in that its modular vehicle platform allows individual pods to connect while in motion to form a fleet. Once pods are connected, the internal space of the fleet is utilized similarly to buses or trains.
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