RFID: From Fashion to Health Care (RFID Europe 2010)

Miss Virginia Garcia,
Fundacion Privada Cetemmsa
2010 9월28일.


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Presentation Summary

  • Cetemmsa as a R&D technological Centre (5 min) Cetemmsa in 2010 is focused on the development of the R&D activities involving printed electronics and smart objects.
  • RFID experts from 2002 Cetemmsa has been working on RFID from 2002. Starting with approaching the basis of the technology to the business network and reaching the development of new technology for customized applications.
  • Passive RFID to improve logistic processes. Our experience starts on the textile sector, form manufacturing till marketing operations, and arrives to industrials laundries. Examples of projects and customers.
  • Active RFID. A chance to develop a customized product (10 min) Active RFID enlarge the possibilities for Cetemmsa to develop a proprietary product that fits perfectly with the requirements and needs of a customer. No limits about what is offered on the market. Wireless technologies that provide different solutions for different needs, all them available to fit the requirements of the customer. Concrete examples of development.
  • RFID vs R&D (5 min) How the RFID department fits in perfect harmony with the R&D area in Cetemmsa. Concrete examples of developments involving different parts of the R&D activities in cetemmsa.

Speaker Biography (Virginia Garcia)

From 2007, Virginia Garcia is part of the Team in Cetemmsa technology centre taking part as a project manager in the R&D area. where she took charge of the department of RFID solutions in the field of improving production processes of client companies. The RFID department, in addition to a wide service of process improvement, it also includes development of new projects RFID technology-based products, both passive and active.
Before joining Cetemmsa, Virginia Garcia has been part of the engineering team on AT4wireless, wireless engineering company located in Malaga, participating in RFID deployment projects, as a key element in the development and implementation of the AECOC EPC Competence Centre, as well as performing as a technical trainer on EPC/RFID courses.
Virginia Garcia is a Telecommunications Engineer, specialized on Communications, from the University of Malaga and Technical Engineer in Telecommunications, specialized on Telematics, from the Polytechnic University of Catalonia.

Company Profile (Cetemmsa)

Cetemmsa logo
Cetemmsa is a Spanish private research center performing Technological Transfer to help companies to do business with new and innovative products. Cetemmsa focuses its R&D towards applied research, and production of prototypes in the area of smart devices.
The R&D core activities are focused on 2 topics:
  • printed electronic (printed flexible electroluminescent, printed photovoltaic, OLEDs, hybrid Organic/inorganic LEDs, sensors, SMD hybridized flexible circuits, printed primary batteries)
  • integration of electronic into textile / objects (pressure sensors matrices, motion and acceleration sensors, electroluminescent panels, optical fibers, LEDs, embedded circuitry and antennas, sensors, energy harvesting solutions).
Cetemmsa is also member of the OE-A, and co-funded the Spanish cluster for Printed Electronics PEC4 (www.pec4.net).
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