Scoozy, The Next Generation Mobility Scooter: Example Of Spin-Off Technology From EIV Programmes (Energy Independent Electric Vehicles 2017)

Winnifred Noorlander, Marketing Manager


Energy Independent Electric Vehicles 2017 Presentation - Scoozy*

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Presentation Summary

Scoozy is the next generation mobility scooter: smart, safe and personal. In the last years scooter numbers have been rising and so has the number of accidents. In 2016 38 people in the Netherlands alone died due to a mobility scooter accident. This needs to change. Scoozy is here to do just that. Interested in knowing how? Attend our presentation!

Speaker Biography (Winnifred Noorlander)

Winnifred Noorlander (23) is one of the four team members of Scoozy. For the last ten months she has been responsible for Scoozy's marketing activities and successfully featured Scoozy in the news several times. With Scoozy she is trying to win over the world for electric driving on all levels.
Before Scoozy Winnifred participated in the Nuon Solar Team where she became a world champion in solar racing with her own build solar car. Next to Scoozy, she is still studying Civil Engineering at the TU Delft.

Company Profile (Scoozy)

Scoozy logo
We believe in getting everything out of life. Going on adventure and experience new things. Pushing your boundaries and facing the unknown.
To achieve this, being mobile and independent is a must. That is why we developed Scoozy, the new standard voor mobility scooters. To give you back all the freedom you need.
Scoozy is built by four former members of the Nuon Solar Team. This is where they gained their knowledge and passion on EV's and innovation.
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