Senses Not Sensors: Feelings Are The Future Of Wearables (Wearable Europe 2017)

Dr Fotini Markpoulou, CEO
United Kingdom


Europe 2017 Presentation - Doppel*
Europe 2017 Audio Presentation - Doppel*

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Presentation Summary

After wearables that monitor and notify come wearables that do. The future of our senses will see science and design come together to create a natural and positive symbiosis with technology. doppel is at the heart of this new generation of wearables.

Speaker Biography (Fotini Markpoulou)

Fotini Markopoulou is a hardware designer and theoretical physicist. She is co-founder and CEO of doppel, the wearable tech company that uses research in interoception and the roots of cognition and emotion in the body to create technology that changes how we perceive, feel, and behave. Fotini's physics work is on the emergence of spacetime and she was a founder at the Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics, one of the premier institutes on the frontiers of theoretical physics.

Company Profile (Doppel)

Doppel logo
Founded as "Team Turquoise", doppel is a London-based company created by Dr Fotini Markopoulou, Jack Hooper, Andreas Bilicki and Nell Bennett in October 2014 after they met on the Innovation Design Engineering joint MSc/MA course at Imperial College London and the Royal College of Art. The team have spent the past four years working on technology inspired by psychophysiology - the study of the relationship between the mind and the body. Together they create science and design led technology to naturally change how we feel, think and behave.
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