Sensor Data On The Edge Of A Nervous Breakdown Or Of Greatness? (Internet of Things Applications USA 2017)

Mr John Dohm, Chief Technology Officer
United States


USA 2017 Presentation - Sixgill*

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Presentation Summary

Autonomous driving, smart cities, and enhanced customer experiences dominate today's technology news. However, the underlying technologies of AI, Predictive Analytics, and IoT must be applied to realize benefits. In this session, we will explore the implications of an ever-increasing number of sensors providing a sea of information to an increasingly opaque technical infrastructure.

Speaker Biography (John Dohm)

John Dohm, CTO of Sixgill, is an unusual hybrid in technology career terms with experience as both the architect of systems sold to the enterprise, and the consumer of these systems as a CIO. From keyboard-to-C-Suite, John began his career as a software engineer for internal enterprise systems. He expanded beyond the keyboard to acquire an ever-widening range of technology creation, scaling, architecture, deployment, operations and executive experiences. John is steeped in enterprise problem solving. Now with Sixgill, and for many prior years at RealD, John has worked tirelessly to solve the challenges of tracking and governance of mobile distributed assets.

Company Profile (Sixgill)

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Sixgill builds universal sensor data and automation services that enable organizations to govern Internet of Everything assets. Used by developers and product owners who are building sensored asset applications, Sixgill Sense serves as a single powerful platform to unify sensor data knowledge, management, process automation and analytics for all sensor-informed applications. Visit External Link for more information.
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