Smart Building - Real Market or just Marketing? (Sensors Europe 2017)

Mr Jochen Treitel, CFO GmbH


Europe 2017 Presentation - GmbH*

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Presentation Summary

IoT - like every new technology - has seen some remarkable developments... as well as some rather funny if not useless results.
The Real Estate business has only just recently fully emerged into the adventure of becoming digital. "Smart Building - Real Market or just Marketing?" takes a provocative approach to find out whether IoT is actually contributing to the value chain or just filling another playground with gadgets.

Speaker Biography (Jochen Treitel)

Jochen C. Treitel, Co-founder and CFO of GmbH, holds an economic degree, is a pro in real estate business and has been an independent consultant for over 20 years in various businesses, mainly in the fields of Interim Management and Reporting/Controlling. He also develops and manages his own building portfolio.

Company Profile ( GmbH) GmbH logo GmbH has been founded in February 2017 by Jakob Olrik and Jochen C. Treitel, striving to add useful IoT-Solutions to a fast growing market. Attensys focuses on delivering information solutions rather than another IoT gadget. The final result is decision relevant information for the business owner just when it is needed. Attensys solutions currently cover the fields of Transportation, Real Estate and Health. As a first customer Bombardier Transportation will use one of their latest developments.
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