Smart Textiles And Wearables: 12 Years' Experience In Production - Lessons Learned From Those Who Do It (Wearable USA 2016)

Mr Andreas Roepert, CEO
Interactive Wear AG


IDTechEx Show! USA Presentation - Interactive Wear AG*
IDTechEx Show! USA Audio Presentation - Interactive Wear AG*

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Presentation Summary

After an introduction into the evolution of the market from 2000 to now and into the next decade, we will share lessons learned from 12 years of production in more than 100 projects for interested product developers and managers from apparel as well as from the technology and electronics side.

Speaker Biography (Andreas Roepert)

Andreas Roepert holds degrees in mathematics from the University of Hamburg, Germany. Throughout his career he has worked for several international high-tech companies. He has extensive experience in the launching and marketing of innovative technologies and expertise in the IT, telecommunications, telematics, security and logistics sectors.
Before joining Interactive Wear as co-founder and chief execution officer (CEO), he worked as an IT and business consultant.
Interactive Wear AG took over the wearable electronics activities of Infineon Technologies in May 2005, and is a leading system integrator for wearable electronics.

Company Profile (Interactive Wear)

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Interactive Wear AG concentrates on the development and integration of electronic components and systems into textile products, providing of-the-shelf and customized solutions as well as engineering services to support industrial projects. Interactive Wear spun off from Infineon Technologies in 2005 and is based in Starnberg near Munich, Germany.
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