Smart Uniforms - A B-To-B Compelling Model For Smart Textiles (IDTechEx Wearable Europe 2016)

Ms Clare King, President
Propel LLC
United States
Mr Jim Owens, Principal
Nautilus Defense LLC
United States


Europe 2016 Presentation - Propel LLC*

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Presentation Summary

Adding electronics into uniforms could increase worker safety and enhance situational awareness and operational capabilities. Clare King will talk about the challenges of designing and manufacturing smart uniforms, her company's involvement over the last decade in the development of smart uniforms for fire fighters and current work with the US Navy.

Speaker Biography (Clare King)

Clare King is President of Propel LLC, founded in 2006 and dedicated to the development of transformative textile technologies for the US Military and Fire Services. Clare holds degrees from Oxford University and Princeton. She started her career as an economist, but was drawn first to technical garment design (her first start up) and is now acknowledged as a subject matter expert in the development of advanced textile solutions for first responders and the military. Clare has worked for both very large (e.g. GE) and very small companies; Propel her second start up.

Speaker Biography (Jim Owens)

Jim Owens is the Principal and founder of Nautilus Defense LLC. Jim has been involved in engineering projects spanning a broad range of disciplines from a young age. He is the Principle Expert of the SPAWAR-sponsored Integrated Maritime Surveillance System, which monitors thousands of miles of shipping lanes in Southeast Asia. At present, Jim is working on forwarding the technology landscape of electrically functional clothing systems for the United States Navy.

Company Profile (Propel LLC)

Propel LLC logo
Propel LLC, Pawtucket RI USA, is a company dedicated to the development of transforming textile technologies for the US Military and Fire Services. Using a wealth of experience in textile materials and processes, the Propel team thinks about and solves complex problems from conceptualization through materials development, prototyping and full-scale manufacturing. Current projects include two highly significant contracts with the US Navy, and, partnered with Patagonia Inc., the design and prototyping of a suit for emergency use inside US submarines.
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Company Profile (Nautilus Defense LLC)

Nautilus Defense LLC, Providence RI USA, designs, builds, and maintains mission-critical technical systems around the globe. Since 2007, Nautilus has effectively leveraged technology in support of the United States Armed Forces' mission. Informed by a wealth of systems implementation experience, Nautilus' philosophies center on applying practical and robust solutions to complex problems. At present, Nautilus is focused on upgrading the global COSPAS-SARSAT network and developing new electrically functional clothing systems to improve the warfighter's operational safety and effectiveness.
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