Space Boom: A Martian Frontier (3D Printing USA 2016)

Keegan Kirkpatrick, Founder and Team Lead
United States


IDTechEx Show! USA Presentation - RedWorks*
USA 2016 Audio Presentation - RedWorks*

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Presentation Summary

Mars is the next frontier, but its future settlers are going to need some new tools if they're going to make it on the Red Planet. New technologies and a tectonic shift in the spaceflight industry will get us there. The Space Boom is coming.

Speaker Biography (Keegan Kirkpatrick)

Keegan Kirkpatrick An aerospace engineer by training and trade, Keegan has designed, built and tested everything from boost pumps to satellite demonstrators. He's worked on rocket testing in the field, and lead university teams to design unmanned missions to Ceres and casting solid rockets for student testing. He provides a professional engineer's perspective for Mars habitat design.

Company Profile (RedWorks)

RedWorks logo
Redworks is a New Space and additive manufacturing company creating a habitat and infrastructure tool-kit for the emerging private spaceflight market, where costly modules are currently the only option. RedWorks is positioned to be the leader in space construction services by relying on in-situ 3d printing technologies that can create structures from the soil itself, be it on Earth, the Moon or Mars.
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