Speed Converter-Controlled River Turbines: Distributed Generation Of Baseload Electricity (Off Grid Energy Independence. Europe 2018)

Mr Key Han, CEO
Differential Dynamics Corporation
United States


Europe 2018 Presentation - Differential Dynamics Corporation*
Europe 2018 Audio Presentation - Differential Dynamics Corporation*

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Presentation Summary

DDMotion has developed mechanical three variable gear assemblies called Transgears. Transgear-controlled speed converters can convert variable speed to constant by matching a set reference speed. With the converted constant speed, a constant speed generator generates grid quality constant frequency similar to rotary frequency converters convert constant speed to constant frequency.

Speaker Biography (Kyung Soo (Key) Han)

CEO of Differential Dynamics, BS Mechanical Engineering, 17 Years at GE, 26 Issued patents on variable speed motion controls, ASME presentation in 2017.

Company Profile (Differential Dynamics Corporation)

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Differential Dynamics Corporation (DDMotion) has developed river turbines based on three building blocks: proprietary mechanical three variable gear assemblies called Transgears, the principle of rotary frequency converters, and proprietary Variable Overlap Generators. Speed converters designed with transgears convert variable speed to constant, and can handle higher power compared to transistor-controlled power converters. The technology is applicable for harnessing renewable energy (e.g. river, tidal, wave, and ocean current), automotive transmissions, HVAC compressors, and other motion control applications. The first product developed is river turbines controlled by a speed converter "Hummingbird". The turbines can be either grid connected or stand-alone, distributed generation.
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