Sub-micron Self-aligned Organic Thin-film Transistors on 4" flex for Display Backplanes (Printed Electronics Europe 2013)

Dr Anja Haase, Researcher
Joanneum Research
2013 4월18일.


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Presentation Summary

• Nanoimprint Lithography for organic thin film transistors
• Organic transistors on 4 inch flexible substrates
• Transistor improvement by source/drain self alignment

Speaker Biography (Anja Haase)

Dr. Anja Haase is a principal researcher at JOANNEUM RESEARCH, Austria.
She received her Master degree and PhD in Analytical Chemistry from University of Technology, Graz, Austria.
Meanwhile, she shifted her research focus on organic electronics, processing and integration of partly and fully organic devices, and especially nanoimprinted organic thin film transistors.
She has coordinated a large national cooperative project with 20 partners, where an integrated organic sensor platform for the determination of several analytes has been developed.

Company Profile (Joanneum Research)

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PyzoFlex® is a technology by JOANNEUM RESEARCH, a leading international research organisation. PyzoFlex® allows the cost efficient production of large area, flexible and energy self-sufficient sensors for the detection of pressure and temperature changes as well as vibration monitoring and provides opportunities for new products or processes based on Intelligent Surfaces.
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