Submicron Printing Of Nanomaterials For Printed Electronics (Printed Electronics Europe 2017)

Dr Filip Granek, CEO


Europe 2017 Presentation - XTPL*

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Presentation Summary

In the world of printed electronics for many applications it is of interest to print extremely narrow lines and structures, even in the submicron range. XTPL technology for printing of nanomaterials allowing printing of lines width below 1 micrometer will be introduced. Printing of nanomaterials with the line width of below single micrometer and less, is possible with the XTPL technology. One of the application areas is printing of electrically conductive nanomaterials, such as gold or silver nanoparticles, to produce ultra-fine electrically conductive patterns. Printing of light-emitting quantum dots or other classes of nanomaterials will be also presented.

Speaker Biography (Filip Granek)

Filip Granek is the founder of XTPL S.A. and the inventor of a globally innovative, additive technology, protected by international patent applications, enabling ultra-precise printing of nanomaterials. Unique printing system designed by XTPL allows for extremely accurate application of the nanoink, specially formulated in the company's laboratories, and creation of dedicated submicron structures. The breakthrough of this solution lies in enabling precision that cannot be achieved by any other printing method in the world. It will facilitate the production of advanced devices such as solar cells, displays or biosensors using cheap and scalable methods of printing. Filip Granek is one of the world's best specialists in modern technologies based on nanomaterials. For nearly 10 years he worked in the most prestigious international research institutes and hi-tech companies, including Fraunhofer ISE (Germany), ECN (Netherlands), ANU (Australia), Kingstone Semiconductor Company Ltd. (China). He directed research work in close cooperation with the largest photovoltaic industry representatives from Europe, Asia and the USA. Winner of many awards and distinctions, including a scholarship from Burgen (Akademia Europea), a scholarship from the Foundation for Polish Science, a scholarship from the Ministry of Science and Higher Education for outstanding young scientists, a DAAD scholarship and LIDER research grant funded by the National Center for Research and Development. A member of the prestigious Young Academy of Europe, he was also honored in the ranking of prominent innovators of the new Europe "New Europe 100 Challengers". Author of 70 scientific publications and 30 international patent applications and patents. His dream was to create technology "Made in Poland", which will revolutionize many sectors of the global market, but in the management of the company he values primarily the people - professional, talented and full of passion.

Company Profile (XTPL)

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XTPL, a scientific- and technology-based company, develops a breakthrough method for printing of nanomaterials, with ability to print extremely narrow lines. Our patent application protected technology is based on the guided self-assembly process of various types of nanomaterials. Unique construction of the printing-head and of the nano-ink formulation allows self-assembly of dispersed nanomaterials into ultra-fine lines and structures. The technology allows direct printing of lines with the width of 1 micrometer or less. Ultimately, the XTPL team is working on optimization of the technology towards printing of structures as thin as 200-300 nm. Today the XTPL team is 18 FTEs, including 6 PhDs in the fields of nanomaterials, electronics, semiconductor physics, inorganic chemistry, numerical simulations.
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