System Level Vehicle Model Development Of Light Heavy Duty Battery Electric Vehicle In GT-Suite (Electric Vehicles: Everything is Changing. USA 2018)

Mr Santhosh Pasupathi, Model Based Development Engineer, Powertrain and Vehicle R&D
ISUZU Technical Center of America, Inc.
United States
Ms Smruti Rathod, PVRD Intern-Powertrain and Vehicle R&D Engineering
ISUZU Technical Center of America, Inc.
United States


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Presentation Summary

Model based development is an approach pursued to obtain an advanced insight into powertrain & vehicle development. This approach enables the ability to trace errors early on thereby reducing the dependence on field testing and saving cost & time in the development process. The purpose of the study is to develop a system level electric vehicle model for Light Heavy Duty applications in GT-Suite for range estimation, performance analysis, component sizing and optimization. The model has been developed using a map-based approach. Hence, the simulation time is faster than real-time, requires less input data and can be used for preliminary range & performance estimation. The model fidelity has been validated against data obtained from field testing. The applications of the model are to study the effect of parameters such as motor power, air conditioning, battery capacity etc. on range and performance.

Speaker Biography (Santhosh Pasupathi)

Mr. Santhosh Pasupathi is a Model Based Development Engineer with a demonstrated history of working in the automotive industry. He is a strong engineering professional with a Master's degree focused in Automotive Engineering from the University of Michigan; skilled in ETAS - LABCAR, D - Space systems, Simulink, INCA, GT Modeling, GEM II Model and Engine / Vehicle level Testing.
Mr. Santhosh Pasupathi currently serves as Model Based Development Engineer for Isuzu Technical Center of America, Inc. and has the primary responsibility to lead and mentor a group of Model-based Development Engineers & Graduate Interns to achieve virtual Vehicle Modeling & Testing capabilities.
His team's main focus is to develop following capabilities:
 1D Vehicle Model Development Light Heavy Duty & Medium Heavy Duty Commercial Trucks
 Conventional IC powertrain - To perform Fuel Economy analysis & Performance optimization - subsystem selection etc... Diesel/Gas/CNG
 Powertrain Electrification Strategy Development using MBD techniques EV & S-HEV
 Hardware in The Loop HiL / Function in The Loop capability establishment & development
 Open Loop Testing OBD - Playback
 Closed Loop Testing FRM/RT - Model testing

Speaker Biography (Smruti Rathod)

Ms. Smruti Rathod works with Isuzu Technical Center of America Inc. as Model Based Development Engineering Intern and supports virtual vehicle modeling capability development for Light and Medium duty commercial vehicle platforms. She is a Mechanical Engineering Graduate from Michigan Technological University with a Graduate Certificate in Hybrid Electric Drive Vehicle Engineering. Ms. Smruti is involved in active projects related to 1D Vehicle Model Development focused on Light & Medium Duty Commercial Vehicle platforms.
Her major contribution is towards:
 Electrified and Hybrid powertrain - system level vehicle modeling for Range estimation and Component sizing & optimization
 Conventional powertrain system level vehicle modeling to perform Fuel Economy analysis and Performance optimization
Ms. Smruti is proficient in GT-Suite, MATLAB/Simulink & IPG TruckMaker vehicle modeling tools.