Tailor Common Thermoplastics To Achieve Uncommon Performance Using Few Layer Graphene (Graphene Europe 2017)

Dr Francis Nedvidek, VP Business Development/Managing Director
NanoXplore GmbH


Europe 2017 Presentation - NanoXplore GmbH*
Europe 2017 Audio Presentation - NanoXplore GmbH*

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Presentation Summary

NanoXplore GmbH collaborates with customers, compounders and injection moulding practitioners in developing graphene-polymer materials. Examples presented show graphene enhanced commodity thermoplastics performing in applications typically requiring more costly formulations and polymer feed stocks. Critical parameters vs varying graphene concentrations are discussed.

Speaker Biography (Francis Nedvidek)

Dr. Francis Nedvidek is a Canadian born Electronic Engineering and business graduate. His climbed to senior ranks in multinational corporations concentrating on developing new technologies and novel applications addressing newly emerging markets as well as traditional industry sectors. Leaving a legacy of new products, expanding lines of business and growth generated via repositioning and acquisition, Dr. Nedvidek shifted focus. Dr. Nedvidek struck out on a path of establishing new ventures and leading young enterprises delivering breakthrough innovations and cutting-edge engineering to customers and clients around the world. Early in 2015 shortly after Huber & Suhner Inc. acquired Cube Optics AG (where he served 10 years as CEO), Dr. Nedvidek established NanoXplore GmbH, the German subsidiary of graphene and graphene derivatives manufacturer Group NanoXplore Inc. based in Montreal.

Company Profile (NanoXplore GmbH)

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NanoXplore Inc., Montreal-based and privately held, is Canada's largest producer of graphene, providing customers with graphene-enhanced polymers, formulations and master batches incorporating few layer graphene and customized graphene solutions. The core technology is a unique, low-cost manufacturing process which yields industrial-sized volumes of high quality graphene via exfoliating graphite flake. Methods employed are safe and environmentally friendly. NanoXplore supports innovators in the plastic, rubber, hi-tech clothing, paints & coatings and energy storage industries. NanoXplore GmbH strives to enhance thermal, electrical, and physical characteristics of polymers our customers need while replacing and eliminating harmful and expensive additives.
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