Taking Wearables from Start-up Concept to Volume Manufactured and Fulfilled Product (IDTechEx Wearable USA 2015)

Mr Peter Li, CEO
Atlas Wearables
United States
Mr Mark Medlen, COO
Riverwood Solutions
United States


USA 2015 Presentation - Atlas Wearables*

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Presentation Summary

Peter Li was recently recognised in the 'Forbes 30 Under 30' in Consumer Technology and is Founder & CEO of Atlas Wearables, creators of the Atlas Wristband, a fitness tracker that recognizes over 50 exercises, logs your workouts, automatically tracking calories and heart-rate, and capturing advanced fitness metrics like stability, power, velocity and V02 max. Riverwood Solutions, who provide supply chain solutions and executives on a consultative basis, helped Pater and the team at Atlas to realise their product and to bring their first batch to market, supporting supplier selection and management.
Peter Li will talk about his experience as a start-up founder, describing his journey and how the Riverwood team supported his company and product development. He will be joined by Riverwood Solutions COO Mark Medlan to share his insight into taking a wearables start up from concept to delivery.

Speaker Biography (Peter Li)

Peter is a biomedical engineer from Johns Hopkins University and co-founded Atlas Wearables. Previously, he helped design carbon nanotube reinforced Kevlar armor and high-throughput tests for cancer screening. He swam for over 14 years of his life and believes in the automation of tedious chores by way of advanced software solutions. Recently recognized in Forbes 30 Under 30 2015 in Consumer Tech.

Speaker Biography (Mark Medlen)

Mark Medlen is a career operations, engineering and supply chain professional with more than 23 years of global operations experience. He has held operations and engineering roles at numerous companies including TexasInstruments, Micron, Abbott Labs, and Flextronics. Mark has managed a number of technology manufacturing plants around the world, producing an incredibly diverse array of different products ranging from miniature optical components to massive pieces of factory automation. Over the last few years, Mark has spent the majority of his time in China managing various EMS and ODM activities for some of the world's leading OEMs. Mark has managed outsourced production operations and ODM programs for more than a dozen major companies including Cisco, Applied Materials, Motorola, Quantum, Tyco, Apple, Dell, HP, Nokia and Sony Ericsson. He has led numerous international product transfers, offshore product introductions, and substantial product development and industrialization programs in the U.S., Mexico and Asia. Prior to joining Riverwood Solutions in 2008, Mark spent more than 10 years in various management and executive roles at Flextronics, including serving as General Manager for several different operations. Most recently Mark served as Senior Director of Global Operations for FlexPower, a wholly owned subsidiary of Flextronics that provided ODM power solutions to more than 50 of the world's leading OEMs. While at Abbott Labs, Mark received numerous awards for his work in improving new product introduction processes including the prestigious Abbott Labs Chairman's Award. He currently holds eight U.S. patents for various manufacturing processes and production technologies. Mark has a BSME from Purdue University and did his graduate work at Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas.

Company Profile (Atlas Wearables, Inc.)

Atlas Wearables, Inc. logo
The inventors of the Atlas Wristband (www.atlaswearables.com/), a fitness tracker that identifies your exercise, counts your reps, calculates your calories burned and evaluates your form. The Atlas wristband, a smart wearable the can tell the difference between push-ups and triangle push-ups. Innovative and intelligent wearable technology that learns algorithms to effortlessly detect and track exercise in 3D.
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Company Profile (Riverwood Solutions)

Riverwood Solutions helps OEMs and Brand Owning Enterprises of all sizes with manufacturing strategy, supply chain operations optimization, sourcing, and supply relationships. The company provides consulting and managed services to the world's leading technology product companies and most innovative start-ups on a local and global basis. Whether you utilize contract manufacturing or have unique requirements for captive manufacturing, our team of experts can help you get the most of your manufacturing strategy and execution.
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