The Connected Worker In The Factory Of The Future (Wearable USA 2018)

Michelle Krogmeier, VP of North America
United States


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USA 2018 (audio) Presentation - IDTechEx*

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Presentation Summary

It's time for a new pair of glasses. In manufacturing facilities, operators wearing smart glasses can now work handsfree and have information at a glance. By having information such as step-by-step instructions inspection checklists displayed without interrupting workflow workers make less errors, are safer and more compliant, which ultimately improves quality. This presentation will explore how the value of the connected worker of the future leverages the power of smart glasses and wearables.
Michelle Krogmeier is the VP of North America for Proceedix. She has over ten years experience building enterprise software and spent the last three years working with smart glasses in enterprise manufacturing, energy, and supply chain management. Prior to joining Proceedix she spent six years Gallup. Michelle earned a BFA in graphic design from Iowa State University.

Company Profile (Proceedix)

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Proceedix is a software company leveraging cloud computing, mobile and wearable technology to offer state-of-the-art human-driven procedure and instruction support. Our goal is mobilize workers and enable them to handle even their most complex processes away from their desks. Our software as a service-based platform helps enterprises create and manage procedures, work instructions and checklists in an easy way, while making the remote execution paperless and mobile.
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