The Future Of Electronic Noses (IDTechEx Sensors Europe 2016)

Mr Tristan Rousselle PhD, CEO
Aryballe Technologies


Europe 2016 Presentation - Aryballe Technologies*
Europe 2016 Audio Presentation - Aryballe Technologies*

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Presentation Summary

... It will soon be possible to get numerical about smells
New technologies are currently being developed which will allow the manufacturing of small portable and universal electronic noses. This will enable the acquisition of numerical information about smells. These Sensors will initially be launched in the industry for Environment, Flavor Fragrances & Food, but also for medical Diagnostics and Security issues. A specific device also be dedicated to people who have lost de sense of smell, a disease called anosmia. But this technology will unveil all it's potential when it will be accessible to all publics ...

Speaker Biography (Tristan Rousselle)

Tristan ensures the development of global strategic partnerships and customer relationships to meet Aryballe's long term vision for the potential of digital olfaction. Prior to founding Aryballe Technologies in 2014, Tristan was the founder and CEO of PX'Therapeutics which specialized in the development of therapeutic proteins. PX'Therapeutics was sold to Aguettan Biotech in 2012. Tristan holds a PhD in Cell Biology from Grenoble University (France).

Company Profile (Aryballe Technologies)

Aryballe Technologies logo
Based in Grenoble, France, Aryballe combines biochemistry, advanced optics and machine learning to mimic the human sense of smell. Founded in 2014, Aryballe released its first product, the digital nose NeOse Pro, in early 2018. Fast, portable and sensitive to hundreds of odors, NeOse Pro captures odor signatures for display and analysis via software solutions that enable better decision making for R&D, quality control, manufacturing and end user experiences. With operations in France and the USA, Aryballe works with global leaders in automotive, consumer appliances and flavor & fragrance industries.
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